Flash Film

Flash Film

Flash Film is your chance to join in From Page To Screen – with your own film adaptation

Download entry guidelines for full details

Any questions? Please contact our Vimeo group moderator

Here’s how it works:

Stage 1Choose your source material

You can make an adaptation from any source material you like – from a short story to ‘War and Peace’! The only rule is that it has to be an adaptation from a literary source.

Looking for some ideas? Why not adapt one of our fabulous Flash Fiction stories from the Bridport Prize. click here (link to Flashfiction_2013.pdf) to read some.

Stage 2Make your movie and upload it to our Vimeo group

Your film must be no more than 60 seconds long (plus up to 20 seconds more for titles and credits).

You can also ask any questions about the competition via the group.

Stage 3Enter the Competition

Sign in to Vimeo and upload your movie to our group page here.

Once you’ve uploaded your movie, Submit your details in our entry form.

Entry is free
The competition is open to under 25s only.


Flash Film was inspired by the Flash Fiction category of the Bridport Prize, the international short story and poetry competition run by Bridport Arts Centre.

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