Sunday 3 April


A Handful Of Dust (PG)

Director: Charles Sturridge
Stars: James Wilby, Kristin Scott Thomas, Richard Beale, Alec Guinness.
Original novel: Evelyn Waugh

‘Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t the best Waugh ever filmed. It is impeccable’ said the critic at the Evening Standard on release. Adapted from Evelyn Waugh’s Jazz Age satire, A Handful of Dust is a brutal story of a failed marriage. Tony and Brenda Last (James Wilby and Kristin Scott Thomas) appear to be the perfect married couple – with money, a great country house and an adored son, John Andrew. But when Tony inadvertently invites John Beaver (Rupert Graves), an idle and penniless young socialite, to stay for the weekend, he sets in motion a series of events which drastically disrupts the course of all their lives.


Director and festival curator Charles Sturridge will be speaking after the film