Friday 4 April



Adapted from the novel by Nick Hornby, screenplay by Jack Thorne, directed by Pascal Chaumeil. Starring Aaron Paul, Rosamund Pike, Imogen Poots, Piers Brosnan.

Four suicide wannabes meet on New Year’s Eve in a scramble for the edge of a tall building and instead of jumping, form a mutual support club. Will being part of a gang of losers
provide them with the hope they need to survive beyond Valentine’s Day?

Post-film Q&A with Nick Hornby.

Nick Hornby has captivated readers with his comic, well-observed novels About a Boy; High Fidelity; How to be Good; A Long Way Down; Slam; and Juliet, Naked. His non-fiction work Fever Pitch was also successfully adapted for cinema. Nick’s forthcoming novel, Miss Blackpool, will be out late 2014.