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In The Heat Of The Night (12a)

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Box Office: 01308 424204
Opening Times:
10–3 Tues–Fri and 10–4 Sat


12A, 1967, 109 mins

DIRECTOR Norman Jewison, Sidney Poitier

STARS Rod Steiger

ORIGINAL NOVEL In the Heat of the Night by John Ball

SCREENPLAY Stirling Silliphant

Venue – Bridport Art Centre

Winner of five Oscars in 1968, including Best Picture. 

They call him Mr Tibbs! Sidney Poitier excels as a detective who faces racism while working on a murder case.

Jewison’s hard-hitting murder mystery is entertaining, atmospheric and insightful. In the Heat of the Night won five Oscars® in 1968, including Best Picture, Best Actor (for Rod Steiger), Best Screenplay and Best Editing. One of the key reasons for the film’s success was Sidney Poitier, who is devastatingly charismatic as Philadelphia homicide detective Virgil Tibbs. Tibbs arrives in a small Southern backwater to visit his mother but becomes embroiled in a murder investigation when he’s picked up by the local police simply for the ‘crime’ of being black. When Tibbs’ profession is confirmed, he’s teamed with a racist redneck sheriff (Steiger) to help with the investigation – a riveting partnership that reflects the era’s desperately strained race relations.